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Free your mind. . .

. . . sweeten your beverage

Sugar Packet Revolution
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Late 2003.  Three young women in a suburban Southern California Denny's at 1:00 am after attending a rock concert.  Brilliant, yet absurd thoughts are bantered about.  "These are thoughts that must be shared," the revolutionaries think to themselves, "but how?"  With hot fudge- and French fry-induced genius, one young woman reaches for a sugar packet and a pen.  In the time it took to scribble "seagulls don't have eyebrows" on a bit of pale pink paper, a revolution was born.

Two years later, after a disastrous election tearing apart the nation, and a myriad of epic political and natural disasters, the world is anguished. It's depressed. It's bored. It's not thinking. It's grown complacent in its dining-out experiences. It's not intellectually challenged as it sweetens its beverages.  Enter the Sugar Packet Revolution.

We propose a change, an outsider art movement, an awakening of long-dormant intellectual debate.  Our purpose is simple: deliver information that the world desperately needs!  Or, doesn't really need much at all.

Steps are as follows:

* Enter intellectually challenged environment (i.e. coffee shop, diner, cafe, or other sit-down eatery).

* Acquire sugar packet1, writing implement, and well-crafted phrase.  For examples of phrases, please see our 'suggested texts'.

* Write phrase on chosen sugar packet.

      - Legibility is vital – one must communicate clearly for the revolutionary effect to have the proper impact.

      - Stealth is of the utmost importance.  No one has yet been caught, but chances are the standard wait staff will neither understand nor appreciate our movement.

* Return packet discretely among existing non-challenging sweeteners.

* Speculate upon the reaction when a non-revolutionary happens upon your piece.

* Congratulations!  You are now an outsider artist and Sugar Packet Revolutionary!  Drop Chance & Gnome a line, and share your story with the world.

1 The term 'sugar packet' encompasses all forms of real and artificial sweeteners packaged in small paper envelopes for public consumption. 

ADVERTISMENTS- Allowed only when art or revolution related. If you can't even go though the motions of pretending your propaganda fits into the two accepted catagories I'll be forced to go through the motions of killing it. . .