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12 July 2007 @ 03:33 pm
do they have Seagulls in Tennessee?  
'Cause if they don't, someone's gonna be REALLY confused while they're sitting around having dinner at the little hotel restaurant/bar place my mom, aunt, and I went to today for lunch.

I wrote "Seagulls don't have eyebrows" on a sugar packet at this one place. I think the restaurant (in the hotel) was "Brumley" or something. And it's in Greenville, TN.

joy of joys.

OH! And I don't know if AJ joined and posted this yet, if he does he can give better details, but after going to the Busy Bee late last month mooseL, AJ, and myself put some sugar packets. One of AJ's (or his only one, can't remember) said "You're drunk. I'm tired. It's time to go home" and one day recently he was doing a sugar packet somewhere and someone saw and asked what he was doing, and then said "I saw one that said 'You're drunk. I'm tired. It's time to go home" at the Busy Bee Cafe the other day.

AJ told me this and I nearly hurt myself laughing.

I'll try to get him to post the full story soon. If he hasn't already.

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